Phone: 0405 42 42 65
Email: [javascript protected email address]


Are you blind or vision impaired?

Do you need assistance with technology?

Want someone to listen or to talk with?

Help with everyday issues?

Want to connect with others. Be included?

We are three people.

Me. I am Lauren, who has a serious vision impairment

Angela, who is blind.

Jane, who has the role of a carer.

We get it - we are here as volunteers

We would like to help people with vision issues, to achieve positive outcomes. Life can be tough dealing with vision loss.

No matter how small or big your problem, we shall try to assist, or steer you in the right direction

So please get in touch if you want help or would like to connect.


what is my bucket list

You contact me with your bucket list item. One outlandish item, like a seat on Richard Branson's rocket ship. Then one or two more realistic, achievable items.

They could be.....

  • A photo shoot.
  • Help with your fitness.
  • Dance lessons.
  • Starting a course or study.
  • Learning to surf or sail.
  • Help with your wardrobe.
  • Experiencing an extreme activity.
  • A piece of technology.

Anything really.

I will then contact the appropriate company or business, and ask if they can provide their product or service, free of charge to assist you.

We will then promote them in any way we can.


Whether you can see or not this is going to be a great and enjoyable platform to get involved, as a person with, a vision issue, in need of assistance.

You may be an individual or a business, and would like to offer your time, your products or services. Which would be greatly appreciated



I feel we need to break the ice, and make people feel more comfortable with our vision issues, as I feel it is discomfort, and a little fear of the unknown, that may make some people hesitant to connect with us.

Social inclusion...

This is where you, the sighted folk, can help.

Vision loss can be very socially isolating, and this needs to change.

Simple gestures can make such a difference.

If you know someone with vision loss, a neighbour, a parent at school, a co-worker, a classmate, a friend of a friend, or even a person you don't really know, but may see them often.

If you could introduce yourself and try to include them somehow.

A connection service...

I think a connection service is really important to have.

Vision loss can be very socially isolating. It would be great to connect with each other, for support, sharing ideas and creating friendships.

We don't always want to rely on family or friends to talk with all the time.

Not all of us have family or friends to talk with anyway.

Here are more reasons for me wanting to start this idea.

  • Great social gatherings
  • Fundraising events.
  • Trying to assist small, legitimate sight loss inspired concepts.
  • Trying to assist those wanting to travel.
  • Encouraging sighted and non-sighted people to connect, and create social inclusion.

I would really like to hear from you, regarding your bucket list items, or any ideas regarding what's written above.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, and help make positive change.

  • You can volunteer your time for helping with bucket list items, connecting to create friendships, fundraising events and social gatherings.
  • You can offer your products or services that your business offers.
  • You can donate to eye believe.


We are people who want to assist those with a vision issue, to achieve a goal, connect and create social inclusion with others.


Photo of, 'Oreo', the guide dog
Photo of, "Oreo", the guide dog. A regular, at our successful tech meetings.
Photo of grant application.
Successful $400.00. Grant application, via, victor harbor council. Many thanks. Great work angela.
Photos of me lauren and my friend and guide lucy, in the united states, july 2018. Experiencing a burn my memory exprerience, flying over and landing in the grand canyon, in a chopper. Pictured with  michael benson, ceo, visual experience foundation, enabling people to have a chance to experience something amazing. Which I did. I am very grateful. Hopefully, we can help people achieve bucket list items too. Thank you visual experinece foundation and sundance helicopters.
Photo of angela, with our latest victim, aka ian.
Photo of angela, with our latest victim, aka ian. Helping him to learn how to use an iphone Ian is legally blind, due to, not one but two eye diseases. Ian is also a good friend of ours. He is a great source of knowledge and support for us.
Photo of the south coast chamber orchestra.
Photo of the south coast chamber orchestra. They held their winter charity concert, july, 2018. All money raised, was donated to "Eye believe". Over $400.00 was made.Thank you so much. Keep an eye out for these talented musicians. 
Group of seven vision impaired people
Our first tech get together. Small but successful, and has been ongoing.
Two women sitting together
Angela, who is blind, is on the left, teaching Karin, who has a serious vision impairment, how to use an iPhone. We have given Karin, an iPhone on loan.
Male and female, side by side, with navigator in hand, and two guide dogs
We gave Peter, a navigator, a talking book, on permanent loan, till someone repairs his current one, or a new one arrives, via the NDIS.


Donations till end June 30, 2018.

Pip from cafe on railway, victor harbor.....$  50.00.

Victor harbor council grant...…………………….$400.00.

Karin and Jack $50.

Brighton Meditation $250.

Lovely Joyce (Victor Harbor). $40.

Outgoings up until June 30, 2018.

Purchase of adaptive technology. An iphone6. For client use, when training. An iphone cover. Phone credit.  $530.00

Summary till end financial year June 30, 2018.



Total in account..…..$260.00



TOTAL INCOMINGS.......$515.00.

TOTAL AMOUNT IN BACK AS OF OCTOBER 1,2018.......$775.00.

Donate Now

Bank: ANZ
Account Name: Eye Believe
BSB: 015 716
Account Number: 228 897 651


I want to be totally transparent financially.

To date, any cost involved, with this project, set up, registration, logo, web design etc., I have paid for myself.

If this idea is a success, I will require any ongoing operating costs, which will be kept to a minimum, to be taken out of any donated funds.

No overheads, such as wages, will be taken out, as absolutely no one, including myself, will be paid in any way, shape of form.

It is to be run purely on a volunteer basis.

I shall put up a quarterly incoming/outgoing ledger on this site, for people to view.

So if you do donate, please put a phone number, or a name you will recognise when I add it to the ledger.